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Monthly Payroll Activities

♦  Pre-payroll process.
♦  Update employee addition and termination.
♦  Update all staff movement e.g. transfer, promotion, salary increment, etc.
♦  Consolidate the payment request from various departmental units e.g. production bonus, site allowance, incentive bonus and meal allowance, etc.
♦  Calculate leave and overtime related adjustments.
♦  Compute the MPF contributions.

Annual Tax Return

♦ Prepare tax return forms (IR56B) to IRD.
♦ Adjust taxable income based on any Tax Efficient Plan Policy e.g. Housing Benefit Scheme.

Post-payroll process

♦  Prepare payroll reports.
♦  Obtain approvals from authorized Company representatives on monthly payroll.
♦  Generate monthly payroll data and submit to bank.
♦  Submit the monthly MPF contributions to the regulatory body.
♦  Generate and distribute monthly payments slips to employees.


♦ Calculate final payment for terminated employees.
♦ Generate appropriate tax forms to IRD e.g. IR56F or IR56G.
♦ Prepare the Notice of Termination (for MPF) to the regulatory body.
♦ Issue cheque payment for final payment and MPF contributions.


Monthly Accounting / Bookkeeping Services

If you don’t want the hassle of managing your own accounts, we can take care of some or all of it for you. Price will depend on various factors, including:

♦  Volume of transactions
♦  Complexity of business
♦  Level of automation
♦  Level of account preparation to be done by client
♦  Regularity of client meetings required
♦  Frequency of account preparation required



For small and expanding businesses who do not need full time HR staff, the Zzzzip team can act as an outsourced HR department. Zzzzip can also support established HR functions in companies wishing, or needing, to create efficiencies whilst improving service levels and saving costs.

♦  Contract and data management.
♦  Joiner and leaver administration.
♦  Annual, sick and other leave management.
♦  Benefits administration.
♦  HR documentation and compliance.
♦  Vendor management.
♦  Recruitment Administration.



If you are looking to hire staff in Hong Kong and do not have an existing legal entity, you can use Zzzzip as a PEO service provider. Zzzzip will become the employer of record for your employees and second them back to you under a services agreement.  Zzzzip will take care of all of the statutory employment and tax compliance obligations for your employees.